Thursday, January 22, 2009


I know know, where have I been. Sorry, been back at work. Scroll down, see the mind museum post, I love my job, remember? So since I've been back, I've sunk back into the depths of my creative madness at work. I'm back into the swing of things for the Mind Museum. The team and I have been working on the technology gallery which is a mezzanine that hovers over the ground floor where the four main galleries are. The technology gallery showcases human ingenuity, which separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. It is all about what we have done, with what we know.

For example, there is a node in the tech gallery called Who We Are where we showcase the things we value as human beings such as fashion, art, literature and music. In Here To There, we showcase our ability to create transportations that allow us to travel through various spaces - from earth to universe, through the clouds and up above, underground and through the depths of sea. It also showcases the fact that we human beings value speed and efficiency.

We have started to do a model of the tech gallery. There are five nodes that run through the space:
  • How We Live

  • How We Know

  • Who We Are

  • Here To There

  • How Things Work

Our concept is to create these fluid forms that go around the eliptical mezzanine like a ribbon. These ribbons will become the platforms for the content of that node, or the ceiling from which exhibits can be hung, or even seats for consoles and rooms for enclosed exhibits. These ribbons will also intersect strategically where contents overlap for the nodes.
These were our early concepts for the tech gallery. I'll upload photos of the scale model we're working on soon.

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